Bea MacGregor

[Executive Director]

Laura Crouse

[Office Manager]

Lynn Foley

[Facilities Coordinator]

Lisa Josey

[Market Coordinator]

Lee Cripps

[The Craig Gallery Curator & Fine Arts Program Coordinator]

Linda LeBlanc

[Box Office Manager]

Ryan Fraser

[Marketing & Communications Manager]

Bob Daly

[Technical Director]

Robin Foley

[Facilities Assistant]

Lydia Babin

[Graphic Designer & Website Maintenance]

Brent Crouse

[Special Project Builder]

Board of Directors

Acting President

Sean Layden


Twila Grosse – Retired


Gloria McCluskey – Retired Councillor, Halifax Regional Municipality
Sam Austin – Councillor, Halifax Regional Municipality
Tim Rissesco – Executive Director, Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission
Jennie King – Director of Sales and Marketing, EcoPilot Canada
Wendy Vroomen – Partner, Sandler Training
Erica Pellerin – VP Marketing and Communication, Discover Halifax
Anna Marenick – Director, People and Strategy, Develop Nova Scotia