Volunteer Opportunities at Alderney Landing

Alderney Landing is a Community Cultural Centre, Art Gallery, Market, Events Plaza, and Theatre Facility located in Downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Alderney Landing hosts over 600 individual shows and events each year, welcoming approximately 400,000 people.

Volunteering with Alderney Landing offers a myriad of opportunities to get involved. By joining our volunteer team, you will have the chance to be part of something truly special – a community-driven initiative that celebrates creativity, fosters connection, and enriches the cultural fabric of our city. Plus, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your contributions are helping to make Alderney Landing a vibrant and welcoming space for all. We are looking for people who have helpful and energetic attitudes, and like interacting with others. Volunteering also helps to create positive relationships with others who may become useful resume references in the future or even friends!

Prospective volunteers are encouraged to reach out by emailing us at [email protected] to inquire about any of the opportunities listed. You can also fill out the Alderney Landing Event form below. Keep up with our Social Media to see our volunteer call outs for Theatre, Market, Gallery, and Events all year round!

Please note that volunteer opportunities may vary from year to year, and filling out a form will not guarantee participation. However, we will always do our best to create opportunities for volunteer involvement.

Some events will require a vulnerable sector/background check.

Bluenose Ghosts Festival

This festival is a haunting event that draws thrill-seekers from far and wide. Behind the screams and shivers at this Festival, there is a team of dedicated volunteers who work to create a spine-tingling experience. Their passion and commitment to crafting fear make the festival an annual highlight for Halifax and Dartmouth. So, if you have a desire to scare, consider joining the haunted house volunteers and become a part of this chillingly delightful tradition. Volunteer roles include:

Makeup Artists and Actors: Bring the Haunted House to life with their terrifying transformation and performances.
Escape Room Attendant: Welcome participants to the Escape Room, ensure safety, provide hints, and reset room for the next group to enter.
Line Manager: Facilitate entry into the Haunted House and communicate rules to patrons.

Join us for a terrifyingly good time at the Bluenose Ghosts Festival at Alderney Landing!


Experience the magic of the holiday season by volunteering for the Christkindlmarket! Volunteer roles include:

Decorating: Fashion the iconic Singing Christmas with fresh boughs of fir, bows, and ribbon or transform the Market into a winter wonderland.
Hot Chocolate Bar: Run the bar by handing out hot chocolate and hot apple cider.
Actors: Dress as authentic Holiday characters.

While specific roles may vary from year to year, volunteering at the Christkindlmarket promises an enchanting experience for actors, Holiday enthusiasts, and anyone eager to spread joy and cheer during this special time of year.

Fire & Water Cultural Festival

At the Fire & Water Cultural Festival, we aim to create a diverse cultural experience for all people of Nova Scotia. From captivating main stage performances featuring Mi’kmaq song and dance, to showcases of Acadian, Irish, Scottish, British, German, Chinese, Indian, and African traditions, the festival offers a rich tapestry of cultural expressions. Volunteer roles include:

Crafts: Assist the public in participating in artist-directed crafts and pottery making.
Photographers: Capture the magic of the festival through photography.
Cleaning: Keeping the festival grounds clean and free of litter.

Join us in showcasing the beauty of cultural traditions and fostering connections within our community at the Fire & Water Cultural Festival.

Kiwanis Mother Goose Festival

This beloved community event promises fun for the whole family, with an array of activities including farm animals, fairytale characters, bouncy castles, treasure hunts, and so much more. Volunteer roles include:

Actors: Dress up as fairy tale characters to enchant young minds with captivating tales.
Storytelling: Read stories to children
Games: Distribute free toys and assist in games designed to spark imagination and laughter.
Cleaning: Keeping the festival grounds clean and free of litter.

Join us in spreading joy, fostering creativity, and creating cherished memories within our community.

The Craig Gallery

The Craig Gallery at Alderney Landing hosts two new exhibitions each month and relies on dedicated volunteers like you to help us create a memorable experience for our visitors. Volunteer roles include:

Gallery Attendant: Attending the front desk to welcome visitors, provide information about the current exhibition, and assist with sales transactions.
Art Carts: Helping us run the Art Carts to do free crafts with kids, youth, and adults.

Volunteering at The Craig Gallery is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the arts, expand your knowledge, meet new people, and help support the arts in Dartmouth. This position would be ideal for students and retirees interested in the arts who have just a few hours to spare each month. Fill out the Craig Gallery Volunteer form to get started.