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Alderney Landing is known for its weekend market, art gallery, amazing vendors, theatre, and large-scale outdoor events. Alderney Landing makes all these things easily accessible along the Dartmouth waterfront either by ferry or bus. By volunteering with Alderney Landing, you can become an essential part of our team which helps to bring the community closer together in the heart of downtown Dartmouth!

Alderney Landing is now looking to recruit new volunteers for various opportunities on the waterfront. We are looking for people who have helpful and energetic attitudes, and like interacting with others. Volunteering also helps to create positive relationships with others who may become useful resume references in the future or even friends!

To inquire about volunteering for any of our events please email [email protected].
Sending a resume will also be helpful but may not be necessary.

Upcoming volunteer opportunities
Check back soon for more!
Gallery Attendant

The Craig Gallery at Alderney Landing hosts a new exhibition each month, and with such a busy schedule we need more volunteers to help out as gallery attendants. The gallery attendant sits at the welcome desk and is responsible for greeting visitors, answering any questions they may have about the exhibit, and ringing through any sales. Becoming a Craig Gallery Volunteer is a wonderful opportunity to see and talk about a wide variety of art, meet new people, and help support the arts in Dartmouth. This position would be ideal for any students or retirees interested in the arts who have just a few hours to spare each month. Shifts in the gallery are 12:00-2:30pm OR 2:30-5:00pm Tuesday-Friday every week.