Alderney Landing is a truly ideal space for green screening.

– 23′ ceiling (Stage can easily accommodate a 20’Hx40’W greenscreen).
– Stage floor is 51′ wide and 32′ deep to give plenty of distance between subject and screen.
– Full room depth is 76′ (Great for dolly shots) (Room is rectangular. 76′ deep x 51′ Wide).

– Onstage access to TWO 400Amp camlok panels on stage (Included in rental cost).
– Onstage access to Range (or “stove”) plug (two phase 50A) with a 4 x 20Amp U-ground distro available onsite.
– 4 x 15A dedicated U-ground circuits on stage.

– Easy to use (direct fader control) house lighting console (included in rental cost) controls 192 Strand 2.2kW Dimmers (also included in rental price). (No need to rent and struggle with clunky old 2k rheostats, etc).
– Your grips have access to two “Actor’s Catwalks” which run along each side of the stage to accommodate side lighting with hanging-pipes at 11′ and 14′ (no need to rent extra C-stands – just C-clamps). Catwalks have separate 2.2k dimmer receptacles every 3 feet.
– Overhead lighting grid with catwalks (accessed by in-house lighting technician).
– Ten (10) 750W Source IV’s Included in rental price (6 @ 36˚; 2 @ 26˚; 2 @ 19˚)
– 300W powered audio playback speakers and several 6-10 channel mixers on site w/XLR, TRS, RCA, 1/4′, 1/8″, BNC adapters, etc.
– Room is snaked with 64 Channels of XLR, plus BNC and VGA access points which can be patched and routed throughout the room.
– Climate controlled room (Air conditioning CAN be turned off easily)

– 10’x10′ Freight Elevator with ground level access (through a garage-type door) loads directly onto the stage (i.e. no stairs to deal with).
– Professional dressing rooms (with make-up lighting, mirrors, sinks and showers)
– Onsite kitchen area and plenty of room for Craft Services
– Paid parking lot on site ($10/day)
– Special arrangements can be made in advance to park cube vans/trucks.

For more information, please contact:

Facility Coordinator


Technical Director