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Accessible Hearing Solutions

Distance, background noise and reverberation can be challenging for people in the theatre who are living with hearing loss. Our assistive listening system offers various intuitive and easy-to-use solutions. It follows a universal design approach in that it improves the sound clarity for everyone listening in the room and directly connects to assistive listeners (mylink), hearing aids and cochlear implants for those that require a direct connection.

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Alderney Landing

Alderney Landing is a community cultural centre, art gallery, market, events plaza and theatre facility in Downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Alderney Landing opened in May, 1999. When the complex was constructed it was integrated via a pedway into Alderney Gate, an existing building housing municipal government offices and the Dartmouth Regional Library (now a branch of the Halifax Public Libraries) completed in 1990, and the Halifax Transit ferry terminal built in 1979.