Technical Requirements

A minimum of two (2) crew {Main Crew-member plus one (1) Support Crew} at renter’s expense. House lighting plot available. Theatre must be restored to its standard operating set-up at renter’s expense. A representative of the renter should converse with Alderney Landing’s Theatre Operations Manager, Bob Daly, prior to rental dates to discuss their general requirements and any possible need for additional crew and technical setup time.

Technical Specifications

ETC ION Xe with expanded fader control
166 x 2.4 SC Strand Dimmers (CD80)
6 x 2.4 SC Strand Non-dims (CD80)

34 x Strand 2250 Fixture (Zooms 25/50) 575W
6 x SlimPAR QUAD 12 IRC LED pars
4 x Stage Light Focus Moving Head Led 100W
6 x ETC Source Four @ 36° 750W
2 x ETC Source Four @ 26° 750W
1 x ETC Source Four @ 19°750Q
9 x Strand 3480 Fixture (6″ Fresnel) 1000W
10 x ETC Source Four pars 575W

6 x Iris Kits for Strand Zooms
4 x Pattern Holders for Strand Zooms
4 x Pattern Holders for ETC Source Fours
1 x Iris Kit for ETC Source Four
6 x Barn-doors
3 x Strand IRIS3 Three-colour Cyc Lights
24 x 2m cables
24 x 3m cables
12 x 6ft cables
10 x 8ft cables
8 x 10ft cables

Allen and Heath QU24
2 x EV 1122 X-Array Main Speakers
2 x EV QRX 218 Sub-woofers
4 x EV Sx300 Stage Monitor Wedges
2 x EV SX 80 monitors in Audio Booth
Digitech QUAD4 Multi-effects Processor
Behringer 4 Channel Compressor
DBX 2231 Stereo 32-band EQ
Denon DN-T620 (cassette/CD player)
Sony Minidisc Recorder/Player
Sony 50 Storage Unit CD Player
Paging/Program Sound System
4 x Clearcom KB111a Stations
3 x Clearcom RS-501 Beltpacks
2 x Clearcom RS-502 Beltpacks
4 x Beyer Headsets
12 x 25 ft. XLR cables
4 x 50XLR Cables
100′ 16×4 Snake
25′ 12 channel sub-snake
A variety of Black K&M Boom stands

51 ft x 33 ft floor
40 ft x 30 ft playing space
23 ft 4 in lamp-pipe height

21 ft x 39 ft Main Drape: Blue (by request only)
21 ft x 7 ft legs x 3 set
Mid Stage Traveler 18 ft from DS edge
Up Stage Traveler 30 ft from DS edge
6 Panel German Surround
White Cyc 31 ft from DS edge

1 x Crown PCC160 Boundary Microphone
6 x Shure Beta 58 Vocal Microphone
2 x SM57 drum/amp Microphones
2 x AKG C1000 Condenser Microphones
3 x Sennheiser E604 Drum Microphones
1 x AKG D112 Kick Drum Microphone
1 x AT2020 Condenser Microphone
1 x MXL 2001 Condenser microphone
1 x EV MR3000 Wireless Microphone w/ choice of either Handheld or Lavalier (clip-on) Microphone
1 x Sennheiser ew100 Wireless Handheld Condenser Microphone
1 x Sennheiser ew100 Wireless Lavalier (clip-on) Microphone
7 x Rapco Passive Direction Box

Helpful Documents or Files

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Bob, you certainly deserve an extra special thank you... It is always refreshing to work with a professional who knows what he is doing and removes stress from others as a result.
Artistic Director

Artistic Director

[NS Multicultural Festival]
Bob Daly is a real trouper...
Executive Director

Executive Director

[Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia]