june, 2020

10junAll Day05julTaiya BarssNow and Then - A Retrospective(All Day)

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June 10 – July 5, 2020

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday to Friday – 12pm to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday – 11am to 3pm

Now and Then Artist’s Statement

I have never dated my work. Mainly because the final, finished date is often uncertain. I usually work on several paintings at once, working on one, then putting it away and working on another. I have been sure one was done, hung it on my wall for one year, or three, then decided it wasn’t quite right, something doesn’t work. So, I would haul it down and work on it again until I’m satisfied.

There is one, the oldest work here , ”Dark of the Moon”, which has 1964 written on the back.. The rest move from then to now.

I move from earthy, monochromatic tones to bright colour, without a conscious , thoughtful direction. It just happens, and may reflect whether my life is filled with more darkness than light at the time, or the opposite. Or perhaps I just wanted a change in palatte, to burst out or reflect inwards.

I love words, and a phrase, like “Snail Mail” will stick in my head and produce an image. “Pare!”, an imperative command, and a play on “pear”, words and fruit both there . Grammatical errors, “Split Infinitive”, or “Dangling Paticiple” give rise to small abstracts.

A black crow is a strong shape to work with, jumping fish elegant and graceful. A dragonfly flits through my mind, darting this way and that, until I stop the flight and put her in a frame.

I send these ideas out, from my mind to my hand , hoping to connect with the person who stands in front of my work and sees what I offer them.

Taiya Barss


June 10 (Wednesday) - July 5 (Sunday)


The Craig Main Gallery