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July 28th – August 29, 2021

Jeff Dunnigan Smith
Fragment Unify Repeat

Opening Reception Sunday, August 1st, 12pm – 2pm


Artist Statement

Geometry is deeply embedded in our physical and psychological environments. It is both deeply written into the fabric of nature and yet is a product of the human mind.

The geometry I draw upon for the creation of my own work comes from many traditions. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, to name a few but sacred geometry is also an ancient practice that dates back through the Greco-Roman era to ancient Egypt and found many expressions in the great civilizations of central and south America and the far east.

We draw lines and define space with shape and form. Even the banal order of a parking lot or a city grid harkens back to the divined insights of the ancient architects and designers. Our buildings, our machines, our networks are all geometrically interlocked with the neural patterns of our pre- frontal cortex. Geometry is part of basic human language and goes back as far as the very first technological insights of humanity and the original tool makers of pre-history.

In my printed works on canvas, I use geometric patterns to create focal points around which, the other elements of the work, flow. Likened to the way nature and life moves around the fixed sphere of our planet. I also utilize geometric patterns to create an active yet structured background on which I over lay the symbolism I wish to present. My art objects are studies that attempt to bridge the banal, logical and utilitarian geometry with a mythic and imaginative diversity of line and shape. In my work there is a constant shifting to find a balance and a connection between the rational intellect(abstraction) and the and the emotional (mythic), dreaming mind.

Jeffrey Dunnigan Smith


July 30 (Friday) - August 29 (Sunday)


The Craig Main Gallery